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Updates and Maintenance

WordPress updates and maintenance service is regarded as the most vital for your online success.

Amp up your digital presence and offer a great customer experience by fixing errors, updating systems, adding features and enhancing security. When you do it manually, you will lose themes and designs if not synced correctly. Let the WordPress expert team at Kent Coders do it for you! Because updates influence the security and performance of a WordPress website.

Regardless of the plugins or additional functionalities you may implement, you have to ensure that your website runs smoothly without any glitches. Additionally, you can keep your website away from prying eyes, making it error-free and furthermore, provide a better user experience by helping to introduce new features along with the updates.
Updates and Maintenance

WordPress Updates Made Easy

Transfer theme customisations to updated versions and fix bugs to make your website work flawlessly.

Website Maintenance Services
WordPress website maintenance service implemented by our expert team ensures that your website runs at its highest efficiency. WordPress maintenance service starts with updating WP core files, plugins, themes and designs regularly. We perform SEO monitoring for improving search engine rankings.
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Website Security
Secure your website from the trouble of getting hacked. We keep tabs on the most likely of issues, then ward off any pitfalls before it happens.
Proactive Service
Secure your WordPress website with automatic updates and perform security scans to keep it off potential threats and risks.
Data Backup
Along with updates, we guarantee secure backups and support to create a copy of your recent data and store it safely to avoid any risks.

Round the Clock Maintenance

We observe, guard and provide support for your website 24/7 to prevent any security attacks.
Latest Plugins
Protect your website with the latest WordPress plugin updates and keep hackers off and prevent intrusions.
Security Guidance
Support to avoid threats and vulnerabilities by offering the right tools for removing security issues.
Malware Removal
Complete assurance that your website is running safely with daily scans alongside a plethora of proactive tools.
24/7 Support
Continuous support for all urgent issues that need to be taken care of, regardless of the time, be it day or night.

Error Fixing
Solve troublesome errors, theme bugs and common issues on WordPress to make your website work clean and efficient.
24/7 Monitoring
Keep track of performance, uptime, security or any tweaks that you may need to avoid for the proper working of your website.
Safe Backups
For that extra peace of mind, reliable backups help store and retrieve the data effortlessly to prevent any instance of data loss.
Absolute Visibility
Maintenance support to keep track of the performance of websites from our website monitoring service.