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CG Cart is the beginning of a new era in the e-commerce industry, a true game changer for any online retailer.

With a wide experience in logistics, eCommerce and B2B trade, we are probably the only mid-size software company in the EU & UK that really understand your business needs.

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Code Guru Software Franchise
We create visually appealing, SEO friendly presentation websites on the Wordpress platform.
Code Guru Software Franchise
We build tailor- engineered software dedicated to meet your needs.
Code Guru Software Franchise
Create an advanced professional marketplace with our backend team to support the processes.
Code Guru Software Franchise
Explore the most advanced online shopping platform minus the hassles of shipping.
Code Guru Software Franchise
Want to organise your production processes in one place? Rely on Quantum ERP!
Code Guru Software Franchise
Advanced Shipping System
The worlds most advanced shipping platform helps you to save on shipping cost.

Top 5 reasons to choose CG Cart

We've inspired our competitors for almost three decades now, since 1992. Below you can see the top 10 reasons why will make no sense to go to one of them.

Scalable Solution
Building stores to fulfilling orders to dropshipping, we let you adapt as your business grows!

Optimized Shipping
Together with Boorna we've developed the most advanced shipping module on the market.

Supply Chain
Proven supply chain strategies for your online business implemented with the help of eCommerce integration.

Go Internationally
Help you go global by adopting localization to tap potential markets everywhere across the entire world.

Dropshipper Convert
Manage your eCommerce business without the hassles of keeping inventories, order management, and shipping.

Start Your Online Store

Make your eCommerce website go live to drive sales and make conversions within no time.

All-in-One Platform

Get your store up and running to sell, report and grow the business smoothly with all Point of Sale features along with the power of integrated eCommerce.
Clean and Responsive Design
Gives a great user experience, no matter the devices.
SEO Optimized
Useful tools to enhance your online visibility.
Share content and be in touch with your audience.
Create content-focused blogs for your store effortlessly.
Sell License Keys
Get the most out of our integrated eCommerce.
Sell Physical Products
Earn plenty of customers and grow your business.
Featured Products
Display and promote specific items on the website.
Vendor Dashboard
Manage your stores and get a summary of all processes.